tower hatI’m Virginia from Georgia: cognitive scientist, philosopher, researcher, artist, singer-songwriter, ok-runner, bee-enthusiast, and fan of swing dancing.

My passions include *among other things* :

People! Who are you? What’s your story? Why do you do the things you do? What makes you think and feel the way you feel?

Design: how can we build things that matter to people and the ways they think and behave? How can we make experiences more thoughtful, efficient, and sustainable?

This planet: Have you ever had your breath taken away, or seen something so beautiful that tears well in your eyes? Other than Pixar’s Coco (and honestly almost every other film I watch), I feel that way about mountains, the ocean, trees, and the creatures who inhabit them. I’ve been privileged to live a life of outdoor exploration and try my best to live thoughtfully. I hope in my lifetime I’ll see a reversal of some of our damage through small daily decisions from people who care.

I’m currently researching consumers for a new product at Microsoft, but if I’m not dodging raindrops in Redmond, I’m probably dragging friends hiking or camping around the PNW; finding new favorite musical artists, writing my own tunes, or attending local concerts around Seattle; painting places, people, and pooches on canvases; or people-watching at Pike’s or Gas Works Park.

If anything here intrigues you, don’t hesitate to contact me. Thanks for your curiosity!