Hello, world.


I hope you like this minimalist, black-and-white aesthetic I’m going for. It makes me feel classy and mature, although I’m twenty-one years old and still managed to put diesel in my friend’s Hybrid. There goes my wine budget for the year. I digress.

I’m Virginia from Georgia, a senior at Stanford studying Symbolic Systems. No one really knows what that is, and I love sounding mysterious, so I won’t give you the dirty details. All you need to know is that after coming to Stanford, I drank the Kool-Aid and fell in love with computer science. I then found this super cool major that allows me to study what I already loved (people) and learn how to use that computer science to build amazing solutions for tough people problems.

I lost my accent along the way, but I still love a good country song every now and again. I hope to be in SF, LA, NYC, or Australia after graduation. I’m always singing, hardly ever working out, and I’m definitely taller than you are. As you can see through these tabs, I like making things pretty, and making pretty things. If anything intrigues you, interact with it. Don’t hesitate to contact me. Thanks for your curiosity!